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WaterProof WPC Wall Board Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Composite Fluted Panel WPC Wall Panel

Co-extrusion wpc wall panel
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>Plastic wood floor construction preparation:

Construction accessories: plastic wood floor, keel, buckle, expansion screw

Precautions for installation of plastic wood flooring:

1. Plastic wood can be cut, sawed, drilled and tenoned with ordinary woodworking machinery.

2. Use expansion screws to fix the plastic-wood keel on the floor. The distance between the fixed points of the expansion screws is 500mm-600mm. The screw cap is lower than the surface of the wooden keel. The wooden keel fixation needs to be relatively flat as a whole.

3. Self-tapping screws can be used for fastening between plastic wood and plastic wood. It is recommended to use stainless steel self-tapping screws outdoors; self-drilling self-tapping screws should be used for plastic wood and steel plates.

4. When using self-tapping screws to fasten between plastic wood and plastic wood, holes should be introduced first, that is, pre-drilled holes. The diameter of the pre-drilled hole should be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the screw.

5. When installing the outdoor floor, one screw should be used between the WPC profile and each keel.

6. The junction points between the plastic wood floor and the keel are connected and fixed with plastic buckles.

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>Key points of plastic wood floor installation:

1. Plastic wood has the characteristics of slight thermal expansion and contraction, and considering cleaning and other reasons, when installing wood plastic profiles, an appropriate gap must be left between edges and ends. The reservation of the gap is also closely related to the climate and temperature during construction.

2. When installing plastic wood flooring, it is best to install the profiles on the keel. According to the thickness of the profile (20MM-40MM), the spacing of the keel is generally between 400MM-500MM.

Plastic wood flooring is more stable than wood flooring, it will not crack and warp easily, and its waterproof, anti-corrosion, and moisture-resistant properties are very superior, the price is also low and it is easy to maintain, so it is a new choice for modern life decoration materials.

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