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Hollow WPC Wall Board Decorative WPC wall Panel Wood Texture WPC Wall Cladding

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>What's the the Great Wall panel?

The Great Wall panel is mainly a wall decorative board made of wood-plastic materials. Because the cross section is like the Great Wall, it is called the Great Wall board. The Great Wall board is widely used and can be used for home decoration, hotels, outdoor garden buildings, Offices, schools, hospitals, sports grounds, entertainment venues, etc. Play the role of decoration, privacy protection and so on. It can also make special-shaped, curved and curved surface decorations in some specific environments.

The WPC Great Wall board is suitable for wall veneer. It is waterproof, flame retardant, insect-proof, frog-proof and mildew-proof, light weight, high toughness, high strength, environmental protection and energy saving, with wood texture and unique layering.

It is characterized by anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, insect resistance, antibacterial and antibacterial and other advantages. It has good physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance and impact resistance and good reworkability. Furthermore Oil resistance, stain resistance, easy to clean, so that the service life is more than 30 years.

Wood-plastic Great Wall boards come in a variety of colors, and there are many options to choose from, especially the wood-plastic Great Wall boards used indoors, combined with other materials, make indoor and outdoor decoration more personalized and full of characteristics, and make the whole decoration more beautiful. Plastic wood Great Wall panels have been widely used at present. Be loved by people. People can design different shapes according to their own preferences and choose their favorite colors. And the Great Wall board is easy to install.

>WPC panel information

Material composition 60% Wood+ 30% HDPE+ 10% Additives
Product profiles Hollow (square/ round holes structure) or solid
Surface treatments Sanding, Embossing, Brushing, Smooth
Product finishes Online embossed/ Co-extruded/ Classic
Available lengths 2.2m/ 2.9m/ 3.6m or Customized
Popular sizes 219x26mm
Popular colors Teak, Grey, Brown, Coffee
Approximate loading qty 800-1000 sqm/ 1x20ft container
Applications Commercial or personal, home and garden, Landscaping
Adavtanges over timber Long life span, eco friendly, recyclable


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