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Hollow 143x22.5mm Co Extrusion Wpc Decking outdoor Deck Wpc Decking for Building material

Length: 2.9/3.6m/5.8m or customized
Type: Co-extrusion type 
Texture:with 3D woodgrain
Lead time:
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  • 143*22.5


  • 39259000

>Product Feature of Co-extrusion WPC decking

Co-extrusion technology in the context of WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) flooring refers to the process of applying a layer of functional material on the outer surface of the original product during the extrusion manufacturing process. This technology offers several advantages in terms of appearance, strength, and functionality.

The primary goal of co-extrusion technology is to enhance the performance of WPC flooring by improving its aesthetic appeal, durability, and resistance to wear and UV radiation. By incorporating an additional layer of material during the extrusion process, the resulting product gains several benefits:

1.Enhanced appearance: The co-extruded layer can imitate the look and texture of natural wood or other desired finishes. This gives the WPC flooring a more realistic and appealing appearance, making it visually

2.similar to traditional hardwood flooring.

3.Increased strength: The additional layer of material acts as a protective shield, enhancing the overall strength and structural integrity of the WPC flooring. This makes it more resistant to impacts, scratches, and general wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan for the product.

4.Improved wear resistance: The functional layer in co-extruded WPC flooring is designed to withstand high levels of foot traffic and resist abrasion. This makes it suitable for use in areas that experience heavy usage, such as commercial spaces or busy households.

5.UV resistance: The co-extruded layer often incorporates UV stabilizers, which protect the WPC flooring from the damaging effects of sunlight. This prevents color fading, surface degradation, and other forms of deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays.

>Procudt information

Product name
WPC decking floor
Working environment
55% wood fiber+30% HDPE+10% additives
Slip Resistance Rate
Above 36
Water Absorption 
Less Than 1%
140*24mm/140*25mm/145*24mm/150*25mm or customized
Fire Rating
Class B
2.2-5m or customized
Black, Dark grey, Brown, Oak, Teak, White, Grey, Light grey or customized
Surface Treatment
Brushing, Sanding, Emobossing, Mixed Color, Wood Grain,Groove etc.
Low Maintenance
  1. Low maintenance.

  2. Anti-slip, anti-insect, anti-termite, fire retartant, UV resistant, waterproof.

  3. Easy installation.

  4. Eco-friendly, sustainable.



Q1:Does the WPC work like wood?
A1:Yes! You can cut, nail, drill, screw and rout with standard wood working tools. 

   The density of the WPC is greater than wood.

Q2: Will the color of WPC fade?
A2: Our WPC color will be stable after installation in first 3-6months.

Q3: Can I get free samples?
A3: Yes, free samples are available.

Q4: What temperature the WPC product can bear?
A4: -40°to -60°

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