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Euro Co-extrusion Plastic Wood Composite Decking/WPC Decking

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  • 143*22.5


  • 39259000

>Procudt information

Product Name
Co-extrusion plastic wood decking/WPC decking
Composite Wood
Brown,Chocolate wood or customized
140*20mm,143*22.5mm,150*25mm, etc.
Raw Material
60%Wood fiber+30%HDPE+10%additives
Surface Treatment
Embossed/ 3D Embossed
Pallet or bulk packing
10 years

GRAIN color

>Installation wood-plastic flooring:

  • Preparation: Ensure that the substructure is level, stable, and free from any debris or obstacles. Decide on the direction and pattern of the decking boards before starting the installation process.

  • Fixing the joists: Fix the joists onto the substructure with appropriate screws or bolts, ensuring that they are level and spaced correctly.

  • Installing the clips: Install the clips onto the joists, ensuring that they are aligned with the edge of the joists and spaced at a maximum of 40 cm (16 inches) apart.

  • Installing the decking boards: Starting from one end of the decking, place the first board onto the clips, ensuring that it is aligned and level. Then, fix the board onto the clips with screws, making sure that they are flush with the surface of the board. Repeat this process for each subsequent board, ensuring that there is a gap of 6-8 mm (0.24-0.31 inches) between each board for ventilation and expansion.

  • Finishing: Once all the decking boards have been installed, cut and install skirting boards around the perimeter of the decking to cover up the gaps between the boards and the ground.



  1. 1. How can we guarantee quality?
    Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
    Always final Inspection before shipment;

  2. what can you buy from us?
    WPC decking,WPC flooring,WPC fence,WPC panel.

  3. How long is the warranty period of your products?

    For Traditional WPC product, the warranty period is fifteen years for a residential application, and five years for a commercial application. 

  4. What is the difference between WPC decking and solid wood decking?
    WPC decking not only retains the appearance of solid wood, but also adds lany advantages of composite products. For    example, WPC decking has the advantages of anti-slip,anti-stain and termite proofing, etc.

Vidar──a professional outdoor WPC manufacturer, the quality is company life.

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