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DOMOTEX Hannover 2024 , January 11-14

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DOMOTEX Hannover 2024 , January 11-14

    We are excited to participation in DOMOTEX Hannover 2024, the international flooring exhibition scheduled for January 11-14. 

This event stands as a focal point for the latest trends and technological innovations in the flooring industry, and we look forward to showcasing our products and services on this prestigious platform. 

    Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with industry peers and explore the future developments of the sector.

    As a leading global flooring and carpet exhibition, DOMOTEX Hannover brings together outstanding manufacturers, designers, and professionals from around the world. 

    During this international gathering, we aim to present our latest product lines, technological innovations, and unique insights into market trends. 

    This is a prime opportunity for us to exhibit our corporate strength and expand our presence in the international market.

    At this exhibition, we will emphasize innovation and sustainability. We firmly believe that by continuously introducing new design concepts and incorporating eco-friendly materials, we can offer our customers more attractive and sustainable flooring solutions. Additionally, we will showcase a range of intelligent flooring products to meet the evolving demands of consumers and lead the industry in its digital transformation.

    We extend a sincere invitation for you to visit our booth and experience our products and technologies firsthand. Our dedicated team will be on hand to provide detailed product demonstrations, answer any questions you may have about the flooring industry, and share our vision for the future.

    We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to exploring the exciting future of the flooring industry together at DOMOTEX Hannover 2024!

Stay tuned for post-event highlights and new product releases on our website.

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