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Co-Extrusion 140*23mm Wood Plastic Composite Co Extrusion WPC Decking for Outdoor

  • Size:140x23mm 
  • Length: 2.9/3.6m/5.8m or customized 
  • Hollow WPC Decking 
  • Co-extrusion Technology
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  • 140x23mm 


  • 39259000

>Product Feature of Co-extrusion WPC decking

Co-extruded wood-plastic floor is very popular nowadays. The difference between it and ordinary plastic wood is that it has an extra plastic protective layer. They require little maintenance and are a great choice for outdoor areas.

Widely used in parks, squares, riverside watersides, courtyards, balconies, she uses plank roads, platforms, terraces, trails, etc.

Co-extruded plastic wood flooring has the following advantages:

1. The co-extrusion layer and the core layer have strong adhesion, and there is no damage or peeling after at least 90 hours of boiling test;

2. The co-extrusion layer covers the core layer at 360 degrees to completely resist the erosion of moisture/UV/mold;

3. The color of the co-extrusion layer is more durable, and it has been tested by QUV experiments for at least 3000 hours, and Delta E<4.0;

4. The degree of scratch resistance and wear resistance can meet the wear requirements of general use places, that is, the five-finger scratch test has passed the test of 1mm needle 20N;

5. The color is richer, abandoning the monotonous outdoor color, and it is really colorful.

The co-extrusion plastic wood floor throws away the burden of "too plastic", and the surface treatment tends to be more real and natural texture of solid wood, so that the visual and tactile sense is getting closer and closer to solid wood.


>Procudt information

Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Composite WPC Decking
140mm (width) * 23mm (thickness)* length customized
Hollow Round
Surface Treatment
Co-extrusion, Sanded, Brushed, Embossed,
Maple, Ancient Wood, Walnut, Rosewood, Charcoal, Grey, Slate Grey, Teak, Light Walnut
Range of Use
Garden, Lawn, Balcony, Corridor, Garage, Pool & SPA Surrounds, Boardwalk, Playground

1. With natural wood grain and looks like nature wood, less timber problems
2. 90% recycled materials, environmental friendly, saving forest resources.
3. Easy to install and low labor cost.
4. High degree of UV and color stability,
5. Cutting and drilling like timber.
6. Weather resistant, suitable from -40℃ to 60℃.
7. Resistant to termite and insect attack, will not split, rot or warp.
Bulk Packing, Pallet with PVC soft film or Customized



Q1: Does your factory accept customized size and color?
A1: Yes, sure.We have several size for your choose. We can make new mould for you.

       we can cut it as your request to your required length etc.

Q2: Can you supply accessories for WPC decking / WPC wall cladding / WPC wall panel etc.,?

A2: Yes. We can supply all necessary accessories so that you can install it easily. 

       Decking accessories including : keel/joist, stainless steel clip or plastic clip, nails, expansion screw.

Q3:Does the WPC work like wood?
A3:Yes! You can cut, nail, drill, screw and rout with standard wood working tools. 
The density of the WPC is greater than wood.

Q4: What temperature the WPC product can bear?
A4: -40°to -60°

Vidar──a professional outdoor WPC manufacturer, the quality is company life.

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