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Black Wpc Decking Backyard Hollow Wpc Decking outdoor

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  • CO14


  • 39259000



Characteristic WPC Wood
Moisture Resistance Waterproof Water absorptive
Rot Resistance Antisepsis Rot except special treating
Split Resistance No Cracked Cracked by weathering effect
Distortion Resistance Almost no Contraction /expansion Distorting effected by change of moisture and temperature
UV Resistance High grade UV resistance Easily effected by UV
Fading Resistance Almost No Easy to fade
Outdoor adaptability Great Only few of treated-wood adaptive
No need Painting No need Need paint periodically
Durable/Longevity >8-15 years <3 years
Various Configuration extruded via various mould simplex
Environment Effect Recyclable 100% Consume woods

Plastic wood can be used in the exterior wall of the villa, the general design style of the villa is relatively close to nature, mainly comfortable and generous. Plastic wood is the synthesis of plastic and wood powder, the appearance texture is very close to solid wood, which is used for the exterior wall design of the villa, showing the characteristics of rural leisure.

Plastic wood can be used for villa balcony, solid wood plastic floor, in the villa balcony to do some wooden plastic wood guardrail, not only make the balcony full of vitality, but also make the villa more national style characteristics. In the morning, you can bask in the sun on the balcony, and in the evening, you can also blow the evening breeze on the balcony, which is both leisure and comfortable.

Plastic wood can also be used in the villa garden platform.The small garden can do some rockery, water features and plant some plants.The garden platform is made of plastic wood material, which is not only anti-corrosion, anti-mold, no cracking, but also can avoid the trouble of maintenance. Plastic wood as the most popular outdoor main material in recent years, can be used in a number of places in the villa, is a very cost-effective choice.


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