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Archaize Color Square Hole WPC Decking WPC Board for Outdoor Garden

WPC Decking:Our wood plastic composite profiles are ideal in many applications traditionally using PLASTIC or WOOD also many other products can be benefit.
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  • RD2-1


  • 39259000

>WPC decking Features:

Water Proof Wood Plastic Composite For Outdoor

Wood Plastic Composite materials are made of PE plastic particles and wood fibers through high molecular modification. They are mixed with mixing and squeezing equipment processing materials.The respective advantages of plastic materials with both plastic and wood: easy to install, can be a replacement for plastics and wood on many occasions. It's an outdoor decorative material that has potential for development and adapt to a wide range of applications. 

>Procudt information

Name Water Proof Wood Plastic Composite For Outdoor
Standard size 140X25mm, 150*22.5mm, 140*23mm, 143*22.5mm or as your requirement.
Material 30% HDPE+60% wood fiber + 10% additives
Delivery time About 15-20 days for one 20'ctn
Maintenance Less maintenance
Recycling 100% recyclable
Package Pallet Packing
Application Garden, park, summer house, villa, pool surrounds, beach road, scenic and so on.



(1) Waterproof, moisture-proof, more corrosion-resistant and not easy to expand and deformed in humid environments, and good outdoor weather resistance;

(2) Color personalization, which can not only have wooden texture, but also customize different colors and textures as needed;

(3) Strong plasticity, simply realizing personalized appearance, can reflect different styles according to the design

(4) High processing performance, nailing, planing, sawing, can be painted on the surface;

(5) Simple installation, it is already the finished product products that do not require complicated construction technology, saving materials and installation time and cost;

(6) Low losses, customized length can be customized, saving materials;

(7) Exemption, easy to clean, high cost performance, low comprehensive use cost.