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Adjustable Plastic WPC Decking Joist Support Screwjack Pedestal

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>what's the Adjustable Plastic Pedestal for WPC material?

    The Adjustable Plastic Pedestal is a type of support system used for WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material. It is a plastic disc that can be adjusted in height according to the needs of the project.

The pedestal is placed on a stable surface and provides a stable base for the WPC decking or other materials.These pedestals are designed to withstand heavy weights and harsh weather conditions.

They can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations, making them ideal for decking, terraces, balconies,

and other applications.

    The adjustable feature of these pedestals makes them easy to install and adjust, ensuring a level surface for the installation of WPC material. They also provide good ventilation and drainage, preventing mold and mildew from growing under the decking.

Overall, the Adjustable Plastic Pedestal for WPC material is an efficient and cost-effective solution for creating a stable and level base for your WPC decking or other applications.

    The support base is mainly used in square fountain, dry spray pipe paving project, garden landscapeproject, indoor and outdoor flor pad overhead, widely used in outdoor anti-corrosion wood, plastic woodfloor joist, all kinds of stone floor, engineering grid floor, as well as pipelines and other pad high paving.Lowengineering cost, later maintenance very convenient,it provides a perfect solution for outdoor square floorroof floor architecture, water fountain pipeline laying and other projects requiring effectivelyreplaces the traditional cement pier column, steel frame and overhead construction scheme, which is moreconducive to the laying and installation of pipeline and other equipment, and has the advantages of longservice life, high bearing capacity, reducing the overall bearing pressure of the carrier, not damaging thesurface waterproof, ventilation, sound insulation and heat insulation, materials can be recycled and so on.The support base has high bearing capacity, 0-5 gradients slope adjustment ln actual use,our productcan shorten the construction.

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