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6 Round Holes Hollow Deck Easy Installation Outdoor Eco-friendly Anti-uv Wpc Plastic Flooring Traditional Mixed Color Decking Board for Outdoor

Due to the use of conventional production technology, the 3D adhesive tabletop has a three-dimensional control mechanism that mimics the three natural structures of Weishu. This board is made by combining Gongshu Wei with plastic.
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>Procudt information

1 Product Anti Slip Composite Decking
2 Material composition 60% Wood + 30% HDPE + 10% Additives Product profiles
3 Styles Hollow (square/ circular hole structure) or solid
4 Surface treatments Sanding, Embossing, Brushing, Smooth
5 Product finishes  Online embossed/ Co-extruded/ Classic 
6 Vailable lengths 2.2m--5.8m
7 Customized Popular sizes 140x20mm, 140x23mm, 143x22.5mm,146x25mm, 150x25mm;
8 Popular colors Black,Teak, Grey, Brown, Coffee.
11 Advantages  Over timber long life span, eco friendly, recyclable.

>Installation method of plastic wood outdoor floor

1. Fixed keel

Drill holes between the keel and the ground, and use expansion screws to directly fix the wood-plastic keel on the ground. The distance between the fixed points of the keel is 300-400mm, and the distance between the fixed points of the plastic expansion tube is 500-600mm. The top cap of the screw is required to be lower than the surface of the wood-plastic keel. , When the wood-plastic keel is fixed, it needs to be relatively flat as a whole.

2. Floor fixing

First put the first piece of wood-plastic floor in parallel on the keel, use link pieces to splice it to the grooves on both sides of the wood-plastic floor, use self-tapping screws to fix the link piece on each keel pressed by the floor, and then the second piece The floor is rubbed in from the side parallel to the

3. Fix the edge

After the wood-plastic outdoor floor is installed according to the above method, install the edge line on the side of the installed wood-plastic outdoor floor, and fix it with self-tapping screws. The edge line against the wall is fixed on the wall in advance, so there is no need Fix with self-tapping screws

Application places of plastic-wood flooring:

squares, park roads, plank roads, gazebos, swimming pools, playgrounds, balconies, commercial centers, villa courtyards, lakeside resorts, waterside roads, roof gardens, various public places, etc.

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