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145x21mm Outdoor square Hole WPC Decking WPC Board

  • Model:145H25
  • Length: 2.9/3.6m/5.8m or customized
  • Type: traditional type 
  • Texture:with 3D embossing
Lead time:
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  • 145H25


  • 39259000

>WPC decking Features:

1.Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel
2. Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
3. High impact resistant
4. Environmentally friendly, recyclable
5. Board range of finishes and appearance
6. Easily produced and easily fabricated
7. Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives
8. Resistance to rot and crack
9. Moisture resistant, low flame spread
10. Outstanding screw and nail retention

>Procudt information

Name WPC Hollow Decking
Standard size 145x21mm, 146x21mm, 146x31mm, 145x25mm, 150X40mm
WPC component 30% HDPE+60% wood fiber + 10% additives
Accessories Patented clip-easy system
Delivery time About 15-20 days for one 20ft container
Payment 30% deposited, the rest should be paid before deliver
Maintenance Free maintenance
Recycling 100% recyclable
Package Pallet or bulk packing


>How to installation?

Step 1: Lay the keels one by one, ensuring that the distance between the keels is about 30-35cm.

Step 2: Make holes on the keel, and screw the solid nails into the holes.

Step 3: Fix the starting buckle on the edge of the keel,drive in the screws,and after fixing.

Step 4: Start laying the plastic wood floor. Place the first floor horizontally and perpendicularly to the keel, and the initial buckle is clamped in the groove of the floor to fix one side of the first plastic wood floor.

Step 5: Lay the second row of floors,insert the plastic buckle into the groove between the two floors, move it to the middle of the keel, insert the correspondina number of fasteners according to the number of keels and use a pistol drill to drive the screws into the fasteners and fix the keel.

Step 6: And soon for the floor behind.

Step 7: When the last piece of floor is fixed on the keel with screws diagonally, and finally the floor is nailed to seal the edge, it is done.

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