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140*22mm Woodgrain Round Hole WPC Decking Waterproof for Gallery Road

  • Model:140H22
  • Length: 2.9/3.6m/5.8m or customized
  • Type: traditional type 
  • Texture:with 3D embossing
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  • 140H22


  • 39259000

>What is co-extrusion decking?

The plastic co-extrusion means that process involves extruding two or more materials through a single die so that materials merge or weld together into a single structure before cooling.

co-extrusion decking-It's the second generation series, co-extrusion decking is an upgraded type of WPC composite decking. Co-extrusion WPC has a "cover" that provides added protection against the elements and everyday life. Covered with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, co-extrusion decking is free of stains and moisture.

>Key points of plastic wood floor installation:

1. Plastic wood has the characteristics of slight thermal expansion and cold contraction, and considering cleaning and other reasons, when installing wood plastic profiles, there must be an appropriate gap between sides and ends. The reservation of the gap is also closely related to the climate and temperature during construction.

2. When installing plastic wood flooring, it is best to install the profiles on the keel. According to the thickness of the profile (20MM-40MM), the spacing of the keel is generally between 30MM-45MM.

Plastic wood flooring is more stable than wood flooring, it will not crack and warp easily, and its waterproof, anti-corrosion, and moisture-resistant properties are very superior, and it is easy to maintain.


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